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As the novel Covid-19 continues to impact our community and our daily lives, we want to assure you that we are monitoring CDC and local announcements and taking the safety of all Whistling Boar products very seriously. As things evolve, we are continually evaluating what we must do to meet our clients needs while keeping ourselves and community safe.  At this time we are focusing on our no contact “Boar Boxes” as all events are postponed for later in the year. Here are the following protocols in place:

Sourcing Safely: 

At this time, 1 team member personally oversees all purchasing and sourcing of food items and follows all safety guidelines of social distancing, usage of a face mask, sanitizer and disposable gloves.

Supporting Local Farmers and Ranchers:

Whistling Boar continues to foster relationships with local farmers and ranchers to provide the freshest produce and cuts of meat for our clients. These relationships cut down trips to the store, limiting exposure to the general public. 

Heightened Sanitation Protocols:

Aside from our normal sanitation protocols, after packaging the outside of all reusable food containers and our boar boxes are wiped down with sanitizing wipes immediately prior to delivery. 


So stay safe, stay at home and order a Boar Box!

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