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In 2016, we had big city dreams of a simpler life and decided to move our family out of New York City. We were in search of more space, more environmental sustainability, and wanted to be closer to farms and farm fresh food. Not only for ourselves but also for the people we serve. That search brought us to the Front Range and we never looked back.  


David Pitula


I became inspired to cook when I was 12. I spent many days watching my mom cook along side Julia Child, Jeff Smith, Justin Wilson and Martin Yan on their cooking shows. One of my favorite memories of that time was hearing the sound of a knife on a cutting board.


After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, I began my culinary journey at the age of 20 in New York City, honing my craft at Aquavit, Picholine, Lupa, Atlas, Compass, and The Food Network.  I continued learning by diving into catering operations and restaurant management. In 2010, I opened The Ox Cart Tavern in Brooklyn and for 6 years, created a heart inspired gastropub that prided itself on supporting the local community. After having our second child, my wife and I decided to move to the Boulder area. The move was not only prompted by our growing family but by our desire to be more connected to land, the animals and the food. In 2017, I joined a local Colorado farm to table caterer as the executive chef. I focused on developing community relationships with local farms and ranches to create a true farm to fork experience. 


The next step for me was always to create hyper local and artisanal food service that was in line with my passion to support locality, agricultural sustainability, responsible waste management and environmentally conscious hospitality practices. Now as the chef and co-owner of Whistling Boar, I can pursue the things that are most important to me while being a part of the fabric of the Boulder community. 


Husband, father, chef, and a lover of all things food


Wife, mother, and all things operations. 

Debbie Seaford-Pitula

When I was 5 years old,  my family immigrated from Guyana, South America to Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in Brooklyn is much different from Georgetown, Guyana so food became a special way of keeping a connection to our roots. At 11 years old, I joined my family in the kitchen learning how to prepare their traditional Afro-Indi-Caribbean recipes.  I received my first cookbook at 14 and fell in love with the craft and technique of cooking and the challenge of American recipes.


My culinary journey began in a small restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and continued in the city.  For the next 16 years I navigated both front and back of house. I developed my culinary craft  by working through the ranks at some of Manhattan’s high end restaurants and catering companies. My professional highlights include Atlas, Spice Market, Creative Edge Parties and Pinch Food Design, ranging from culinary to sales, marketing and operations. After the birth of our youngest, David and I decided to move to Colorado. We craved more space and connection to the natural environment for our growing family. In 2018, I joined David, and took a position as the manager of catering operations, working along side him at a local farm to table catering company. I focused on understanding and navigating the day to day workings of a catering company here in Colorado.  


For David and I, development of Whistling Boar would be the next logical step in being part of a conscious movement in Boulder to support local agribusiness, create sustainable hospitality practices and provide soulful food experiences.  We are taking an active step to make a difference in our industry, for the environment and most importantly for our children. 

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